Bringoz for Enterprise

Scales with your business. Bringoz is a customizable and scalable solution to
integrate into your business and existing infrastructure.

Bringoz management system


Track, Manage, Monitor

Oversee your business operations from a single dashboard, whether it’s your drivers, contractors, 3PLs or you just want to integrate with an On-Demand fleet. Bringoz’s one-stop shop will help you execute, schedule, dispatch, manage your orders efficiently, sign, track and monitor drivers and deliveries.


Boost Efficiency

Streamline your business operations, enhance the efficiency of your fleet, minimize idle time, decrease operating expenses, increase productivity.

Bringoz for drivers
Bringoz Distribution


Distribute the last mile
with Bringoz

Whether you are a chain or a warehouse, integrate Bringoz into your business and existing infrastructure to manage your last mile and same day deliveries, or choose to use an On-Demand fleet.


Insights to Actions

Improve your business operations with real-time insights and reports, enhance operational efficiencies and streamline your business performance.

Bringoz Insights
Bringoz Access to Success



Customer care is one of the most important aspects of any business; to increase loyalty, you need to demonstrate to your customers that you care, and that’s what keeps them coming back. Use Bringoz to support and enhance your ongoing operations. Receive information and data related to deliveries, returns, drivers and customers.



Keep your customers informed, let them know when their delivery arrives.

Bringoz Notify your customers


Easy setup

For online and mobile integration you can use our API, we’ve build it as seamless as possible.


Support! Support! Support!

Lower friction with your customers by providing them with the tools to track their deliveries & returns and to communicate directly with the driver for any special instructions.


Customer experience

Let your customers decide, give them the option to choose when and where they wish to receive their delivery. Enable On-Demand/Same Day and future deliveries.

The most innovative delivery platform out there.

Enjoy our tech-based platform.
Get your items delivered promptly, efficiently, safely.