Customer Support FAQs

Using Bringoz

Using Bringoz

Bringoz Business Hours?

We’re open for business every day 8am-6pm.

What Are The Size And Weight Limitations For Shipping With Bringoz?

We will manage with just about any item that fits in a car trunk (and can obviously be carried by the average person).

So How Much Does It Cost?

We have a fair and straightforward pricing system. You’d see shipment’s fee prior to submitting your order. No hidden costs.

What Payment Options Does Bringoz Support?

We accept credit/debit cards.

What Time-Slot Can I Book?

We offer flexible time-slots, between 1-3 hours. You choose the one that best suits your needs.

Should I Give The Driver Any Instructions?

We recommend providing your courier clear instructions, as detailed as possible.

Is My Delivery Insured?

We do have insurance, for now we offer up to $100 compensation for damaged or lost items. We recommend not to use our service for valuable items such as jewellery & diamonds.

Do I Have To Take Any Actions Pre Delivery?

Yep, the usual stuff. Provide both pickup and dropoff addresses. Be sure to include sender and receiver contact info.

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