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Grocery Retailers Need To Innovate Before It’s Too Late


isruptions in how customers shop are a constant occurrence in today’s dynamic markets; the weekly run for groceries is no exception. Approximately one-fifth of all grocery spending, a total of $100B, is expected to come from online shoppers by 2025. Online grocery sales amounted to $14.2B in the U.S. in 2017, and are expected to rise to nearly $30B by 2021. Dramatic figures such as these, emphasize a shift sweeping the industry and a foreseeable reliance on eCommerce in the industry. 

Not only are shoppers buying groceries online, but they’re also searching between various grocers for the most efficient provider to their ever-demanding needs. As the industry piles up on eCommerce, it will face an unprecedented level of competition. A competitors’ storefront will lie at a distance of seconds; gone are the days of loyalty to a diversity of grocery brands, which was brought to fruition by a reliance on localization. In order for grocers to keep skin in the game, they’ll have to maintain a competitive edge in the ultimate picture—convenience.

Only 52% of shoppers reported having their expectations met by current delivery options provided by retailers

As eCommerce grows, it’s in retailers’ best interests to test innovative ways to use various digital-shopping channels and synchronize them in a fashion that maximizes ease of use. All of which needs to be in coordination with fulfillment that consistently delivers in the boundaries of convenience. A variety of companies from brick-and-mortar stores to online retail offer Americans the opportunity of home delivery or store pickup for grocery orders. Major supermarket chains own their online grocery shopping and delivery services, while other supermarkets are outsourcing their delivery operations through third party logistics providers. Most have realized that sustainable reliability holds within in-house delivery operations. 

Perfecting delivery operations is essential for grocery retailers’ interested in maintaining a competitive edge and surviving the changing retail landscape. Only 52% of shoppers reported having their expectations met by current delivery services provided by retailers, according to data from Accenture Consulting.

The opportunity for retailers is to expand delivery operations to meet consumers’ needs, the challenge is to do so in a cost-effective way.

The challenge, and the opportunity, for retailers, is to expand delivery operations and cost effectively meet consumers’ needs. One example of a grocery retailer increasing their digital initiatives and making shopping online easier is Wal-Mart.  To make its in-store pickup process faster and more efficient, Wal-Mart has created giant self-serve kiosk towers. Wal-Mart also filed a U.S. patent for floating warehouses that can facilitate deliveries using drones. The retailer also plans to add 1,000 online grocery pickup locations at its U.S stores through the end of fiscal 2019.

Investing in fulfillment is a must to secure an optimistic future in the upcoming grocery eCommerce revolution. Utilizing a delivery management software like Bringoz ensures that your deliveries arrive at their destination in a manner that supplements your underlying attempt at a competitive edge in providing the utmost convenient experience. Managing the delivery process optimally, making sure deliveries arrive on time and minimizing fleet operating costs, is a technological challenge. Bringoz is the end-to-end solution that provides these capabilities and allows retailers to focus on their core business—making sure that customers receive the intuitivity and reliability they demand.

Gone are the days of manual scheduling, invisible tracking, and legacy routing. Give your customers real time visibility, coordinate your fleets with optimized routes, and automate your fleet management. Welcome to Bringoz, the turn-key delivery management solution that will safeguard your business.

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