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How Delivery Management Systems Strengthen Collaboration


hippers are being challenged to navigate increasing delivery demands more efficiently. Managing all of the different stakeholders involved in the delivery process is difficult without the proper information. Different functions across the delivery operation include customer support, dispatchers, and drivers. These teams need to seamlessly work together, communicate, and collaborate to effectively monitor and execute deliveries, and respond to any unexpected demand.

Many delivery management functions are still constrained by outdated legacy technology and manual processes. This hinders shippers’ collaboration capabilities and weakens the delivery operation. However, cloud-based solutions are gaining traction. In 2020, over 90% of supply chain execution spending was allocated to cloud-based supply chain solutions, according to Gartner estimates. Sixty-five percent of companies see cloud-based solutions as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Here are a few ways cloud-based delivery management systems strengthen collaboration throughout the delivery process enabling greater operational efficiency and faster delivery service.

Easy Access to Real-Time Data

Cloud-based delivery management platforms provide businesses with access to real-time data which is critical to effective collaboration. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, good data is the foundation of strong collaboration and decision-making. It facilitates efficient performance among individual team members as well as across entire businesses.

Without real-time data, shippers lack the accurate information and visibility needed to coordinate deliveries quickly. Inaccurate, out-dated information could lead to delivery delays, higher operational costs, and unhappy customers. In today’s fast-paced delivery landscape, real-time data is essential to achieving a successful delivery operation.

how delivery management systems strengthen collaboration
Cloud-based delivery management systems feature a single, easy-to-use interface providing a solid foundation for communication and collaboration.

Everyone's in the Loop

Cloud-based delivery management systems feature a single, easy-to-use interface providing a solid foundation for communication and collaboration. When information is fragmented across different applications and tools, operational delays become unavoidable. Using a centralized platform keeps everyone in the loop by eliminating information silos and enabling operational data from multiple sources to be consolidated in one place. 

Users don’t have to wait for the trickle-down, time-consuming process of getting information from various phone calls, emails or spreadsheets. All of the information needed to run an efficient delivery operation is visible from a centralized location, enabling more effective collaboration among once-siloed departments. 

Faster Response to Changes

With essential delivery information accessible to all stakeholders, companies can identify and respond to issues in real-time and benefit from more coordinated delivery planning and execution. They can improve on-time delivery rates and rapidly adapt to changing demand. Delivery management platforms provide better visibility putting companies in a better position to make faster decisions and easily respond to last-minute changes and unexpected demands.

Everyone from within the delivery operation as well as customers can collaborate seamlessly. If the driver is running late, the customer is instantly notified and can adjust their expectations accordingly. If the customer needs to reschedule their delivery, they can notify the store and change their delivery time-window. Communication and collaboration are seamlessly integrated in the delivery management process.

Using a cloud-based delivery management system helps shippers reap the benefits of improved collaboration. It provides users with a consolidated real-time data view that is critical to managing a profitable delivery operation and coordinating timely delivery.

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