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New Requirements for Retailers


he Amazon effect is full blown. Translation: consumers are presented with a myriad of shopping and delivery options, up to a mind-blowing 2-hour delivery window. Amazon can achieve this via the logistics operation that they have built, a logistics operation that is closed to all except for Amazon & its sellers. This presents a challenge for everyone who is not Amazon.

The Challenge

Retailers today are facing enormous challenges, the retailer landscape is changing in many ways with omnichannel retail becoming required rather than expected and more changes on the way. It’s not only about selling anymore, but it is also about delivering. Consumers have demands about what they want to purchase as well as how they want to receive that purchase. Retailers need to create an omnichannel delivery experience as well. They need to combine the high demands of satisfactory customer experience with operational efficiency, and to keep costs down by doing both.

The Role of Delivery Operations for Retailers

Delivery operations play a significant role for retailers. As discussed – omnichannel retail also requires omnichannel delivery options. These options start from the simplest in-store purchase to urgent deliveries, unexpected delivery fulfillments and back to the shop via returns. Delivery costs are high and building out a proprietary logistics operation is even more expensive and makes little sense. Finding a way to resolve delivery operations challenge has an impact on both the customer loyalty, which is imperative to a retailer, as well as a business’s bottom line. The solution is to implement technological solutions which can provide operational efficiency and excellence by utilizing algo-based solutions, consolidation options and optimized, real-time routing.

Greater Efficiency

Even if you already have a delivery operation in place, this doesn’t mean that you are getting the most out of it. Without a system that automates, optimizes and tracks the deliveries, the operation isn’t being efficient enough. An organization without a system is doing everything manually, from planning the delivery times and routes to calling the drivers throughout the day to get updates. With a system, all this manual work is eliminated. In addition to a system, there is also the issue of manpower. Manpower for a delivery operation is difficult and/or expensive with a high turnover rate. Finding and maintaining high-quality manpower for this is no simple task. Running a delivery operation is not the core business of a retailer. This means that energy and focus are diverted from the core on a daily basis and put into a secondary business aspect. By implementing technology and by allowing for outsourcing of the manpower, the delivery operation will reach break-even status in a short period and can even become a secondary source of revenue.

About Bringoz

Bringoz is the only company which provides retailers with both the superior technology needed to run successful delivery operations and a connection to a network of drivers and carriers who will support the delivery activity itself. At Bringoz, we have seen, that technology is a great enabler, but it is not a stand-alone solution. It is a must to provide an end-to-end solution, all the way to the customer’s door. This is why we’ve built our technology to encompass driver solutions while at the same time building a network of independent carriers and couriers who our customers can rely on to get their goods to where they need to go.

At Bringoz, we believe in Amazon-style Logistics for All. Amazon is setting new standards for the retail industry, upping the bar and the delivery expectations of customers. We believe that these capabilities need to be democratized. This is why we built Bringoz. Retailers need to focus on their core business to be successful. At Bringoz we understand this. Our goal is to allow this while we focus on our core business – getting your stuff to where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently. Bringoz is a fully customizable solution, not “one size”. Start with what fits you now and we’ll scale with you as you grow. We see our relationship as a partnership, tell us your needs so that we can help you grow.

Looking forward to hearing from you and learning how Bringoz can provide service.

Take full control over your logistics operations.

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