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What Do SMBs Need to Cope With Delivery Demand


he last mile is being stretched thin in order to keep up with unprecedented delivery demand from shoppers. Fulfilling orders puts a lot of pressure on small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), in particular, that may not have the financial resources or capabilities to manage the increased demand. The spread of the coronavirus, which has locked down cities and isolated people, has tested their ability to meet their customers’ needs like never before.

Many SMBs still use manual processes to manage their deliveries. However, these time-consuming and inefficient processes simply won’t allow you to thrive and grow as delivery service becomes increasingly important. The costs and inefficiencies of these processes hurt your business, your customer relationships, and your bottom line. Delivery speed is becoming increasingly important as 40% of digital shoppers say delivery that takes more than 2 days would prevent them from making a purchase. SMBs that want to reduce costs, improve customer service, and effectively meet customer expectations for fast delivery service will find the solution in investing in logistics management technology.

Cloud-based software solutions are affordable, easy to implement, and easy to use. Unlike manual processes, technology solutions offer many advantages to SMBs helping them manage deliveries better, faster, and more efficiently. Managing a delivery operation with limited resources can be stressful and overwhelming, especially in times like these. Here are some ways adopting a logistics management technology solution will make it a little easier.

Streamline Delivery Operations

Think you need different programs to manage different tasks? Think again. A robust cloud-based logistics management solution will help you streamline your delivery operations by managing every aspect from one centralized location. Route scheduling, route optimization, driver management, pricing, and other tools can be managed with one comprehensive solution enabling you to get the most value out of your time and resources.

what do SMBs need to cope with delivery demand
A robust cloud-based logistics management solution will help you streamline your delivery operations by managing every aspect from one centralized location.

Make Better Decisions

Want to learn from the past and predict the future? It’s easier than you think. Using a logistics management software solution will provide you with access to valuable data and decision-making tools that don’t exist in manual delivery management processes. Real-time tracking activity and delivery history, for example, provide visibility and insights that will help you predict future demand, adapt accordingly, and execute deliveries based on customers’ needs.

Maintain Superior Customer Service

Your driver’s having car trouble? Your customer wants to change their delivery drop-off location? No problem. A logistics management platform will provide you with customer-centric capabilities like real-time updates and flexible scheduling. Drivers can easily stay connected with customers and let them know when they are running late. Meanwhile, customers can decide when and where they receive deliveries and modify their order in real-time.

what do SMBs need to cope with delivery demand
Customer-centric capabilities like real-time updates and flexible scheduling allow customers to customize their delivery time and location and stay updated of any delays.

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Having trouble planning your delivery routes with limited resources and growing demand? Automated planning allows you to plan routes based on your delivery demands and constraints including vehicle capacity, urgency, and specific package requirements creating an efficient delivery schedule. Real-time allocation matches resources with various task parameters including distance, SLA, and vehicle capacity. In today’s labor-constrained environment, using a flexible technology solution will help you maximize your resources while minimizing costs.

The ability to respond to rapidly changing demands is crucial for the modern small to medium-sized business. Cloud-based logistics software platforms are more agile than manual or legacy systems. They will help you easily adapt to on-demand deliveries and unexpected delays, making you better equipped to manage growing delivery demands. Adopting an end-to-end logistics management system will help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and effectively execute your day-to-day delivery operations in alignment with customer expectations in today’s competitive fast-paced fulfillment world.

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