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5 Secrets to Same-Day Delivery Success


So everyone in the same-day delivery business wants to know the secret to making it a success story. In this blog, we will be sharing insider information from our Product Team.

Background first

In recent years, various retailers and logistics companies have started piloting and operating new models of same-day delivery. According to Business Insider Intelligence, US eCommerce is growing about 5X faster than brick-and-mortar retail. To better meet growing consumer expectations, 76% of retailers use store inventory to fill online orders.

2019 BABYYY!! 🤖

So in today’s ecommerce world same-day delivery service has become a standard, customers are willing to pay more for same-day service, they expect you to offer same-day deliveries and they expect the experience to be seamless, fast and transparent.

No.1 - Make it simple for your customers

You’ve built the most user-friendly website, well-designed, hired the best professionals, customers are converting into sales, the last form they will fill out is the delivery request.
Make it simple for them, ask for the must-have information, I suggest from our experience at Bringoz to get full address, name and mobile.

No.2 - Give customers more control over their delivery schedules

Your customers are living in a dynamic world where time is money, let them choose when and where to get their deliveries, give some options. Some customers may want to receive their deliveries at night, while others may prefer to receive their deliveries at work during the day.
Giving customers more control and flexibility with their delivery schedules will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of undelivered packages. You can improve delivery efficiency by keeping customers updated via phone, text, or scheduling service. At Bringoz, we have developed a text messaging system that uses interactive forms for self-scheduling by the customer.

No.3 - Track & Monitor the whole process

From service request to delivery, you should insist on the ability to track and monitor the whole process, eliminate risks and lost packages, and even give your customers a heads up when the delivery is going to be delayed (they really appreciate it). Have full control of your delivery operation. The more information you have, the more control you’ll get, and the happier you and your customers will be.

No.4 - Get feedback from your customers

Ask your customers for feedback. Your customers’ point of view is worth its weight in gold. They will give you feedback about the whole process from placing an order online to the quality of goods delivered.
For the delivery service, you will get feedback about the driver and the shipment.
At Bringoz, we use customer feedback solutions for getting those valuable insights.

No.5 - Use reports and insights

Once you have the whole process digitized, you should be able to get reports and insights about your performance. Use this information for reducing your expenses, improving your performance, and learning what works best for you.

Bringoz has the complete solution for your business, we use advanced technology solutions to solve the pains felt by customers & retailers and provide the most valuable solution for our clients.

Book a demo and you’ll see.

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