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Bringoz Industry Weekly 4/21


nline retail sales hit $1.3 trillion in 2023. Walmart rolls out autonomous forklifts in four distribution centers. Gopuff launches new direct-to-consumer offering. Read about these stories and more in our weekly industry news roundup.

Online Retail Sales Break Record With $1.3 Trillion in 2023

U.S. consumers spent $1.3 trillion online in 2023, about $1 trillion more than they did in 2013, according to the comScore “State of Digital Commerce” study. This made 2023 the highest-spending online retail year ever and the fourth quarter of 2023 the highest-spending quarter in online retail history. comScore data indicates U.S. consumers broke the $1 trillion online spending mark for the first time in 2022. Read more.

Walmart Brings Autonomous Forklifts to Distribution Centers

Walmart rolled out 19 autonomous forklifts in four distribution centers in a push to automate the warehouse loading dock. The autonomous forklifts from Fox Robotics use AI-powered machine vision and planning to unload pallets from a truck. The pallets are then moved to be inducted into an automated storage and retrieval system, which catalogs and stores goods. The retailer is committed to using automation to expedite fulfillment processes and improve productivity. Read more.

U.S. consumers spent $1.3 trillion online in 2023, making 2023 the highest-spending online retail year ever.

Gopuff Goes D2C as On-Demand Delivery Firms Seek New Revenue Streams

Gopuff has launched Powered by Gopuff, a logistics and technology offering for brands to offer on-demand delivery to shoppers on their D2C apps and websites in as little as 15 minutes. Alongside the launch, the company is debuting Storefronts Powered by Gopuff, a customizable Shopify theme that integrates with Gopuff, enabling CPG brands to get their D2C sites powered by the delivery firm’s technology up and running within days. Read more.

Enhancing the In-Store Shopping Experience

Brick-and-mortar stores face increasing competition from online retailers. Retailers face the challenge of not just attracting customers into their stores but providing them with an experience that keeps them coming back. Here’s a look at some strategies to help retailers elevate the in-store experience, engage customers, and deepen customer relationships. Read more.

Walmart rolled out 19 autonomous forklifts in four distribution centers in a push to automate the warehouse loading dock.

How Online Shopping is Reshaping Retail

With the rise of online shopping platforms and digital marketplaces, consumers now have unprecedented access to a wide range of products and services from the comfort of their own homes. Retailers can sell their products to customers around the world, opening up new markets and opportunities for growth. Here’s a deeper look at the impact of eCommerce on the retail industry and how it’s reshaping the way we shop and how retailers operate. Read more.

How CPG Brands Benefit from Direct-to-Consumer Channels

In recent years, the consumer packaged goods industry has witnessed a shift in its distribution and marketing strategies, driven by the advent of direct-to-consumer channels and online shopping. This change has not only reshaped how CPG brands interact with consumers but also redefined the landscape of retail and marketing strategies. Here’s a look at how CPG brands can benefit from implementing direct-to-consumer channels. Read more.

B2B Distribution Trends to Watch in the Coming Years

In the dynamic world of B2B distribution, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers. As B2B eCommerce continues to accelerate, it’s critical for distributors to find new digital opportunities and solutions to overcome challenges, increase operational efficiencies, and meet customer expectations. Here’s a look at some of the latest B2B distribution trends. Read more.

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