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The Future of Big and Bulky Delivery


he big and bulky delivery market is growing, driven by the rise of eCommerce, technology advancements, and changing customer expectations. As more consumers choose to shop online for large items, retailers are redefining the way they handle oversized items to meet changing consumer demands.

Here are some of the key big and bulky delivery trends to watch in the coming years and how consumer shopping habits are driving industry growth.

Growth of eCommerce

A big driver of growth in the big and bulky delivery market is the rise of eCommerce. The pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping for everything from home essentials to oversized items like furniture and home appliances. Even with shoppers having returned to physical stores, eCommerce remains strong. 

By 2024, furniture is projected to be the second-largest eCommerce category, according to eMarketer. As more consumers buy oversized items online, the demand for big and bulky delivery services will continue to increase. Retailers should focus on offering seamless and personalized online shopping experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

online shopping
As more consumers buy oversized items online, the demand for big and bulky delivery services will continue to increase.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Retailers are personalizing the big and bulky delivery experience by offering customers more control over their deliveries. This includes options like choosing delivery time windows and white-glove services for product installation or assembly, ensuring that the delivery aligns with the customer’s specific needs. 

Real-time tracking, driver details, and communication are becoming standard. Customers expect updates on their deliveries, from confirmation emails and text alerts to delivery tracking. Transparent and timely communication builds trust, increases satisfaction, and reduces anxiety. Many retailers offer a communication channel directly with the delivery driver for any last-minute instructions or updates.

Last-Mile Solutions

Businesses are increasingly expanding their big and bulky last-mile service offerings as they adapt to customer demand. Walmart is providing more fulfillment options for third-party sellers of big and bulky items. The retailer is offering sellers on its marketplace access to Walmart Fulfillment Services, a fee-based program providing services including storing, picking, packing and shipping, handling returns, and customer service. 

FedEx Freight has added returns to the services offered by its FedEx Freight Direct business, which handles residential and commercial deliveries of big and bulky items ordered online. The returns service will be available for pickups that don’t require appointments, or have two-hour appointment windows. Pickups can be made outside of a location, inside a garage, and inside the first ground-level room of a home or business.

The world of big and bulky delivery is evolving. Retailers that embrace these trends and adapt to the evolving landscape are well-positioned to provide exceptional customer experiences, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in the future.

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