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Bringoz Industry Weekly 2/18


etail executives give their predictions for what’s in store for the future of retail. Staples expands fulfillment automation to speed up deliveries. Customers increasingly visited superstores and wholesale clubs last year. Read about these stories and more in our weekly industry news roundup.

What Will Retail Look Like in Five Years?

Retail has seen unprecedented upheaval over the last several years. Some of the industry’s key decision-makers expect even more evolution ahead. As retail leaders enter 2024 hoping the turmoil is now behind them, they’re building businesses for the future and making changes that will transform the industry. CNBC has spoken with a dozen of the retail industry’s top executives to get a sense of what retail will actually look like five years from now, and how it will change. Read more.

Staples Expands Fulfillment Automation to Speed Up Deliveries

Staples and RightHand Robotics announced a new multiyear agreement that will see RightHand’s RightPick robots deployed in Staples fulfillment centers. The robots will perform item handling with an underlying goal of shortening delivery times. RightHand Robotics nearly doubled the range of items that its stations can accommodate, bringing the number of necessary human interventions down by 80% since the work with Staples began. Read more.

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Retail has seen unprecedented upheaval over the last several years and industry decision-makers expect even more evolution ahead.

Superstores and Wholesale Clubs Had Strong 2023

The five leading retailers in the offline superstore and warehouse club space performed well across the board in 2023, seeing consistent year-over-year quarterly visit growth throughout the year. Costco came out on top in terms of overall YoY visit performance, followed by Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club, according to a report from foot traffic data firm The other two retailers studied, Target and Walmart, also saw quarterly increases in visits last year. Read more.

Building the Supply Chain of the Future

As businesses navigate through supply chain challenges like fluctuating demands, inclement weather, and geopolitical tensions, the imperative to build a resilient, efficient, and future-proof supply chain has become paramount. To stay ahead of potential supply chain issues, businesses must reimagine their supply chains and embrace innovation. Here’s a look at some of the key components of building the supply chain of the future. Read more.

Staples and RightHand Robotics announced a new multiyear agreement that will see RightHand’s RightPick robots deployed in Staples fulfillment centers.

Exploring the Latest Last-Mile Delivery Innovations

The landscape of last-mile delivery is rapidly evolving with innovations geared towards enhancing speed, efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. In recent years, the demand for faster, more convenient delivery options has spurred a wave of innovative solutions to tackle last-mile challenges, enable faster delivery, and enhance the customer experience. Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations revolutionizing last-mile delivery. Read more.

The Future of Big and Bulky Delivery

The big and bulky delivery market is growing, driven by the rise of eCommerce, technology advancements, and changing customer expectations. As more consumers shop online for large items, retailers are redefining the way they handle oversized items to meet changing consumer demands. Here are some of the key big and bulky delivery trends to watch in the coming years and how consumer shopping habits are driving industry growth. Read more.

Mastering Big and Bulky Delivery in an Omnichannel World

In today’s omnichannel retail landscape, consumers expect convenience, choice, and flexibility as they shop seamlessly between online and offline platforms. Managing the logistics of large, heavy deliveries can be challenging as retailers aim to ensure consistent, efficient, and timely service. Discover some strategies for successfully managing big and bulky delivery in the omnichannel space. Read more.

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