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KEA plans to expand its mall empire. Retailers are benefitting from offering same-day delivery. Knapp and Takeoff expand their automated grocery fulfillment partnership. Read about these stories and more in our weekly industry news roundup.

IKEA Plans to Expand its Mall Empire

Ingka Group, the operator of most of the world’s IKEA stores, has assembled its own mall empire in recent years, spanning from China to Europe to the U.S., and wants to buy and develop more locations as it aims to diversify beyond retail. The company’s blueprint is to anchor its malls with an IKEA store and seek to pull in more would-be shoppers with additions such as WeWork-style co-working spaces, Nordic-themed food halls and children’s play areas inspired by outer space. Read more.

Retailers See Benefits of Same-Day Delivery

Nearly one-third of retailers reported a revenue increase of more than 10% after implementing same-day delivery, according to a new survey by Roadie. Retail executives cited higher customer satisfaction (80%), an increase in sales (70%), and improved retention rates (66%) after offering speedy delivery. Sixty-eight percent of companies found their same-day delivery ROI trends consistently upward year-over-year. Read more.

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Ingka Group has assembled its own mall empire in recent years, and wants to buy and develop more locations as it aims to diversify beyond retail.

Knapp and Takeoff Expand Automated Grocery Fulfillment Partnership

Logistics technology vendor Knapp and e-grocery solutions provider Takeoff Technologies have deepened their integrated partnership and will accelerate hardware and software innovation for grocery products fulfillment. The partners will now offer a modular product portfolio to provide food retailers with right-sized automation and unique capabilities for their operation, including fulfillment models for high, mid and low-volume. Read more.

5 Ways Technology is Changing the Fulfillment and Delivery Workforce

From warehouse operations to last-mile delivery, innovative technologies are reshaping the way work is done and transforming the roles and responsibilities of the workforce. The modern workforce is adapting to increasingly automated workflows and sophisticated systems to enhance workforce optimization and improve fulfillment and delivery accuracy, speed, and efficiency. Here’s a look at how technology is changing the fulfillment and delivery workforce. Read more.

Retail executives cited higher customer satisfaction, an increase in sales, and improved retention rates after offering speedy delivery.

Creating Efficient Returns Processes

Returns are an inevitable aspect of retail operations, and how companies handle them can significantly impact customer satisfaction, operational costs, and business success. As online shopping continues to be a dominant force in the retail industry, creating efficient returns processes is a critical component of customer service and brand loyalty. Here’s a look at some strategies for creating seamless and efficient returns processes. Read more.

What Goes into a Connected and Sustainable Delivery Operation?

Last-mile delivery has grown increasingly complex with multiple pickup and dropoff points. Maintaining a connected delivery operation is necessary to eliminate information silos and ensure delivery service runs smoothly and on time. In addition, sustainability continues to be a priority for customers and companies alike. Here’s a look at how technology can help businesses run a connected and greener delivery operation. Read more.

The Vital Role of Flexible Infrastructure for Last-Mile Delivery

As eCommerce continues to grow, it is essential that retailers properly manage their deliveries, which will improve efficiency, enhance agility, and allow them to seamlessly navigate disruptions. Digital solutions enable retailers to build flexibility into their delivery offerings and ensure customers receive their orders wherever and whenever they want to. Here’s a look at the vital role of flexible infrastructure for last-mile delivery. Read more.

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