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Top 5 Blogs of 2022


s the year comes to an end, we hope you’re relaxing and making time for friends, family, and a little light reading. Retail and logistics trends continued to evolve this year, as more consumers returned to stores and continued to shop online. Consumers are shopping across more channels than ever. Companies continue to adapt in innovative ways in order to differentiate themselves and meet consumer expectations. We covered it all in our blogs.

As the new year approaches, we wanted to share with you our top 5 blog posts of the year. From all of us at Bringoz, we wish you a happy and healthy new year.

How Can Technology Enable Retail Growth

Technology provides a vast toolkit of features that enable retailers to operate more efficiently, meet consumer expectations, and grow their businesses quickly. As eCommerce continues to grow and business becomes more digitized, companies are leveraging digital solutions more than ever. Online shopping growth has created opportunities not only to digitally transform business models, but also to rethink the customer experience. Read more about how technology can help retailers take their businesses to the next level here.

4 Ways the DTC Industry is Growing

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) shopping has grown on customers, fueled by factors including digitization and eCommerce growth. DTC companies need to continue to innovate to stay relevant to their customers, adapting to the latest trends. As shopping channels proliferate, companies have invested in innovative DTC strategies to grow their businesses, adapt to new shopping trends, and increase customer engagement. Read four ways the direct-to-consumer industry is growing to meet customers wherever they choose to shop here.

top 5 blogs of 2022
Last-mile delivery growth has facilitated a need for better logistics infrastructure and technology so that orders make it to their final destination quickly and efficiently.

4 Global Last-Mile Logistics Trends Making an Impact in 2022

Companies around the world are investing in new retail technologies and solutions to help retailers digitize their supply chain and logistics processes, operate more efficiently, and reach more customers. Learn about some notable trends from this year as companies invested in increasing their digital footprint and delivery capabilities and adapted to changing customer habits and eCommerce growth. Read more here.

What the Future of Omnichannel Retail Looks Like

The retail industry has undergone dramatic changes in a short period of time, as omnichannel retail continues to evolve. Digital channels provide convenience and flexibility to customers, but offline channels offer important opportunities for customer engagement, brand building, and fast fulfillment. The future of retail is becoming increasingly omnichannel. In order to remain competitive. retailers will have to provide a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience across all channels. Take a look at what the future of omnichannel retail looks like here.

How to Create a Seamless Returns Experience

Online shopping grew this past holiday season which means holiday gift returns are expected to rise as well. Consumers will return more than $1.4 billion holiday orders this season, a 57% jump year-over-year, according to Salesforce predictions. As retailers and logistics companies deal with more returns than ever, it’s imperative that they make the process as simple and convenient as possible for consumers. Take a look at some innovative strategies companies have implemented to create a seamless and streamlined returns process here.

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